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4 Tips for Personal Trainers

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Doing a job in an organization or office is something different than signing up for a job as a personal trainer where you have to work out in your spare time. This job requires your commitment and active participation. If you are one of them who is working as a personal trainer then this article is for you. In this article four useful tips are given which help you to make your job more stable, rewarding and enjoyable.

Keep Your Client Base Small

The first point to start with is to keep your client base small, if you are new to this career. The major reason people join this career is the handsome salary. You can make a lot from this job. But if money is your only preference to join this career, you should be in for a rude awakening. Generally, your employer may want to take you minimum number of clients. In any other case, talk to your employer and make this thing clear before him that in first few months you will take only few clients. Taking too many clients in the beginning will not at all benefit you or your trainees.

Avoid Talking behind People’s Back

The second most important thing you need to avoid in this profession is never talk behind people’s back, especially with your co-trainers that work at the same gym. You have to be careful about this fact as if you ever caught talking about your clients in a negative fashion, you may lose your clients or even your job. Making fun of your clients in front of others may not be acceptable in any case and also your impression and career could be spoiled.

Be Prepared to Sacrifice

Being a trainer, you are often given a free membership at gym. But as you gain some experience at the gym, your client base expands and you may start seeing the clients at the gym while you are on your break. So, you rarely get any free time for doing what you want. Although, you know it’s your downtime, your clients don’t know it. They are always curious about their health and pose you a lot of questions all the time. Here you have to sacrifice your downtime by answering to their questions. Never feel reluctant in giving them tips, knowing the fact that they are not paying you for this.

Be Encouraging

You are in a profession where you have to support your clients mentally and physically. People always need your support and encourage so never let them down or deter them by your attitude. Remember, everyone like good trainers who are supporting and helping. If you want your clients to come back to you, always give them a helping hand. Polish their skills and you will notice your client base hover without much struggle.

These are the four tips by following which you can earn a respectable name as personal trainer.

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A New You The Benefits of Exercise

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When starting a fitness program of any type, you can imagine what the results will be – but it can be so much more! I originally started working out in a gym in my late 20s, a year after my first husband left me. I was depressed, gaining weight, and not being the mother I should have been to my daughter. It started with a simple plan – three days a week of 30-60 minutes of cardio followed by some weight training. The personal trainer helped me navigate the machines and set me up with a schedule. Within the first month I could see and feel a dramatic difference. In three years I went from a size 14 to a 4 and dropped 25 pounds of fat. I looked great and felt even better.

In that three year span I also met my second husband, and shortly after we were married, we moved out of state. Suddenly I was in a strange place with stranger people and not a decent gym in sight. The only ones close by were very expensive, yet they didn’t even look safe. I walked and did what I could at home, but it was a huge drop in activity and my body showed it. Of course, it didn’t help that I also found out I was pregnant the first month we were married.

After our daughter was born, I felt so lousy about myself that I found a YMCA 30 minutes away and made the journey there three to four times a week. It was difficult trying to make it work, and my body wasn’t cooperating. I saw very little change and my motivation just seemed to fade. Then I found out we were moving again – and I was also pregnant again.

This time there was a YMCA much closer, and when my son was three months old I started going three to four times a week. But now I had even MORE baby weight on me and two children who really didn’t want to be away from me. My “alone” time became a struggle, and my workout (and body, therefore) showed it. I actually fought with this for three and a half years before a massive change took place.

After all this time, and additional weight gain, the group fitness coordinator, Deane, introduced ZUMBA to the YMCA. Now, for a year she kept trying to get me to take a group class and I kept turning her down. I didn’t want to be the little fat girl who couldn’t keep up. But, I thought with a dance fitness class that I could handle that. I loved it! I joined in on all the demo classes and had a blast. Not only did I see some flab disappearing, but a chronic pain I had seemed to disappear overnight. I was loving this!

And then an amazing thing happened – Deane asked if I would be interested in teaching some classes. Immediately my introverted side said NO, but then I swear God slapped me on the back of the head. I told Deane to get me the information and that I’d think it over. Within and hour (and before I had any information) I knew this is what I was going to do. I signed up for training with a senior exercise program and then ZUMBA Gold. Within months I was teaching both – and loving it!

So here I am, just a few pounds lighter, but so much firmer, holding my head up and smiling, and pulling my shy self in front of groups of people three days a week to teach exercise classes! I never would have imagined. And the best improvement isn’t my body, but my mind and emotions. And with that, the physical improvements will fall into place. Just feeling better about yourself can be a HUGE motivator to continuing to exercise.

Exercise to lose those pounds, fit into that outfit, or face an old friend, but the emotional benefits you get from exercise will, most likely, be the biggest benefit of all.

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Personal Trainers at Home

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Fitness coaches are not meant or necessary for everyone, but they are those who provide certain good things about individuals who one cannot find when training on his own. Many of the good reasons for individuals to grasp the need for training with personal fitness experts are the following:

Motivation – This stands one of the key reasons how people can be helped by personal fitness trainer as they assist them to regain the lost motivation levels for sticking with a regular exercise regime. Certified trainers often offer structure along with accountability to their clients, and help them build a particular lifestyle rooting towards good health.

average-personal-trainer-salary (1)Individualised Programs – People who have any chronic health problems or injuries, or having some training objectives of managing a marathon as an example, should really work with personal trainer to get a safe and efficient program planned by these trainers, who consider the requirements and give them fulfill their health objectives.

Efficiency – Trainers undoubtedly help people to pay attention to results instead of waste time performing inefficient workouts. Trainers possess a intend to help their customers get maximum outcomes in minimal time.

Technical Skills – People with an understanding a selected sport activity, if exercise with personal trainer, may benefit from the various methods to train specific for their sport activities through the trainers. Personal fitness trainers would incorporate the actual required skills’ training to the programs that improves both the strength and endurance of their clients, while also enriching their agility and mental focus abilities.

For Beginners – In case you are new to exercising, personal fitness experts would be the absolute fitness coach in your case. A great fitness instructor will help you follow an easy, effective routine workout program, and build efficiently in a way that you get the confidence and knowledge in order to determine what is right for you.

For Performers – In case you are already n a good position plus a pretty decent shape, while desperate to break through plateaus, fitness trainers will be the ideal solution. An individual trainer will kick-start your otherwise stuck routine, and your motivation and routine levels.

Develop your own routines – People which learn different areas of designing their particular workouts programs and never use trainer, would only need to work out using the trainers for a couple of months, in order to acknowledge themselves using the basics to construct and altering a fitness program for max results.

Safe Workouts – fitness trainers ensure you are in the best of form and monitor your vitals on continual basis. They provide objective feedback relating to your limits along with your strengths. Many of us usually proceed pain by ignoring our own body signals, or stop trying rapidly. While personal trainers maintain a constant watch on the clients, they’re able to assist in avoiding such situations and monitor the workouts as necessary.

Lose Fat – The foremost reason lots of people hire fitness coaches, and it does is very effective, who keep their clients on the right track.

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